CAMERA HUMANA was born in 2017 thanks you the vision of Italian designer
class 1997 Giulio Laera.

After experiences abroad especially in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco the
founder has decided to develop the brand with three principles: Quality, Elengance
and Youth Vision.

Every CAMERA HUMANA piece infact is completely and exclusively Made in Italy
with regards to details and enriched with embroidery on sleeves.

The elengace of the Luxury fashion brand is clearly visible not only on products, but
is evident thanks to the unique and exclusive Packaging CA HA that every product

The contemporary vision of the fashion designer is in the meaning of the name of the
label: The meaning of camera in english is ” photocamera” and in italian mean”
room, closed place”.

CA-HA represent all fears, feelings that the youth generations put into themself to
leave space to instability, wild night-life, aesthetics, likes and follows, generated
from a camera to stay always under the spotlights.

CAMERA HUMANA watch without judging their attitudes, behaviours and
lifestyle, not for stop their needs to appear but to increase it.

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